Crafting an Equality Essay Using an Example

When addressing the subject of equality, we approach the topic of being “equal in rights, status, or opportunities”. Unfortunately, equality is not always present and is a topic of great discussion. When speaking about equality in an essay, it can be helpful to provide an example. Next time you craft an equality essay using an example, follow these general guidelines to get the job done:

  1. Select Issue & Study Examples
  2. When writing about equality you will want to pinpoint the general area of inequality you would like to discuss. Some of the popular topics of inequality include issues of race, gender, sexual orientation and financial status. Once you have selected your general issue of interest, you will want to dive into the research. Study the general issues, laws, and regulations that surround the topic, and then delve deeper studying specific examples. After developing a general understanding of the issue, you will be able to use these specific example to demonstrate the issue of inequality in action.

  3. Present Issue at Large
  4. In the introduction of your paper you will want to introduce the issue at large. For instance, if you have decided to discuss the issue of inequality based on gender, you will want to provide general statistics about the inequalities between men and women. Develop a background for you reader so they understand the issue of gender inequality as whole, before you get into specific examples.

  5. Provide Example
  6. After you have set up the major issue and background information for your audience, you will be reader to provide an example. This example will show the reader exactly what kind of inequality you are referring to, and help them understand the inequality’s real presence. The old saying goes, “See is believing”—and this is definitely true when it comes to the discussion of inequality.

  7. Bring Example Back to Larger Issue
  8. After explaining the issue of inequality at large, and then elaborating on a real life example of this inequality (in the body of your paper), you will want to bring your example back to the larger issue. Why is this an issue of inequality? How can the problem be addressed?

The best way to explain a certain situation is to show it to the reader, rather than just tell them about it. You will show your reader the issue of inequality you have studied by providing real life examples. You will present your issue of inequality, provide an example of this inequality, elaborate on that example and then bring it back to why this issue is so important. Follow these guidelines to successfully craft your next equality essay with an example.