How To Impress Your Teacher With A Strong 4 Paragraph Essay

Writers can become better if they employ certain tricks. Even at grade school level these can pay out in the form of better structured essays that impress teachers of all different experience levels. Here are a few tips that you can use to get the perfect four paragraph essay written.

Read other pieces in that format

A few essays that are exceptionally well written in that format will prove to be worth par more than their weight in gold. Ask friends, older siblings and teachers to see a few that can assist you. Make it clear to them that your intention is to learn and not plagiarize and they will be more likely to assist.

Take notes on their good and bad traits

Having acquired these sample pieces you can begin to categorize and analyze them. What paragraph held the introduction? How many lines did the conclusion take up? Which ones were particularly impressive? Which ones were closest to the style that you would like to adopt? Answering such questions should help you.

Brainstorm a few good topics

This is a very simple step. Think of thing that are especially interesting to you as these will be less of a hardship to work on. If you do not have the time to go through that process, a good web search will still yield a few promising ones.

Write some samples

If you have a good list from which to work, start writing a few sample pieces yourself. This will give you practice and this is one of the best ways you can start improving. It will be useful for you to put in some of the better traits from those papers that were especially impressive to you. When you write, aim to impress not only yourself but whoever will eventually be grading the papers you are expected to submit.

Have a good writer give you feedback

After you have written several of these, you should pile them together and take them to a good writer for his or her opinion. Mae sure that whoever you get the feedback from must be willing to tell you their honest opinion and not spare your feelings in any way. It is only through a frank appraisal that you will know what to do next.

After a while this will all be second nature and your writing will impress all readers.