Hacker Culture

Hacker culture is a culture that has continued to prevail with the increase and improvements in the technological advances in the modern world. In some instances, the hacker culture has been considered a form of youth rebellion and resistance. It is one form among others including pop culture, music, fashion and the use of social media to express views, feelings and opinions. Hack culture is sometimes the use of compromise in solution finding and problem-solving in the use of technology. The hacker culture includes computer security hackers, home computer hackers and program hackers. In the hacker culture, information stealing has been an issue. Hackers are very brilliant people and may use technological knowledge to acquire and share information. The hacker culture has some rule, principles and values for the hackers. The brilliance of hackers in any of their operations is unquestionable.

Hackers Culture; Hackers motivation

Hackers believe that hacking is an interesting thing to do. The hackers thus enjoy doing what they do and are thus motivated. The brilliance of the hackers encourages them to remain in the hacker culture. In the hacker culture, there is the motivation to do things that otherwise seem hard or difficult. The hackers find what they do worth doing as it is based on collaboration openness and sharing with others.

Hacker Culture; Values and Principles of Hackers

Hackers have their values, ethical considerations and rules. Their values are very strong and taken into account in all their operations. Creativity and brilliance in the hacker culture cannot be ignored or even go unnoticed. The diversity of their knowledge of technological advancement, access and use cannot be overlooked. Hackers are known to be very brilliant. They have principles they consider and standby. One of the principles in the hacker culture is that any information should be free to access. They perceived that all information should be readily available to all. Another principle in the hacker culture is about the use of computers to better one's life. The hackers believe that they can use their knowledge and computers to better themselves. Another principle regards access to computers. Total access to computers should be granted for all people without any restrictions and limitations. The other principle in the Hacker Culture is that criteria, for example, age and degree should not be used to judge hackers. Instead, judging should be on the basis of their hack operations, or hackings done.