Is The Death Penalty Effective Essay: 12 Strong Topic Ideas

Wherever you stand on this debate, your words will arouse strong emotions in both the opponents and proponents. The feelings of both the family of the victims of the crime and the family of the alleged perpetrator of the crime will have to be considered as you write. If it sounds an almost impossible task, then remember that following the rules of essay writing will make your task easier.

How to write an essay.

  • Choose what you wish to write about. Perhaps there has been some debate in the letters column of your newspaper recently. Or would you prefer to write about historical accounts.
  • It may be that you are unable to find enough evidence to back your argument so start your research with more than one idea.
  • Outline your paper to get your thoughts in order. Everyone thinks in a unique way so find a way to create an outline that suits you.
  • Get your first draft down on paper. Don’t worry about the wording just yet. Consider putting your strongest evidence first, followed by your weakest evidence then your second strongest point – that order should leave your reader feeling you know what you are saying.
  • Revise your work. In work of this type, you are not just looking for spelling and grammar errors in the revising stage. Here is where you think about the reaction to your words. Tone them down if you want to be tactful or fire them up if you want to start a discussion.

Some hints to get you thinking.

  1. The death penalty prevents reoffending.
  2. How can the perpetrator atone for their crime if they are dead?
  3. A life sentence in prison is very expensive compared with the lower cost of capital punishment.
  4. There have been cases where the prisoner has been found innocent of the crime after he or she was executed.
  5. Is it humane to imprison someone for life?
  6. Capital punishment is not distributed fairly over economic groups or races.
  7. A history of the usage of Capital Punishment in different societies.
  8. Discuss: Homicide rates are higher in states with Capital Punishment than in those without.
  9. Knowing that the perpetrator of the crime is dead gives the family of the victims closure.
  10. Is ‘An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth’ still a moral way of looking at crime?
  11. Is the death penalty a cruel and unusual punishment as defined by the Constitution?
  12. Are regular people informed enough on this subject to be able to understand the debate?