List of persuasive essay topics for school students

A persuasive essay like any other essay does not rely mainly on presentation of various opinions and facts held by different people, but rather needs the writer to present his/ her own views on the topic based on self-reflection and contemplation. Later go on to justify his/her views and opinions on the topic as against any contrary claims expressed on the topic.

  1. The persuasive essay topic must therefore offer scope for this kind of arguments made to influence people to relate to a certain view expressed by the author using the various tools of convincing and gaining the support of the readers on the core idea or claim discussed in the persuasive essay.
  2. A persuasive topic will sound interesting if it can trigger a greater debate or open the floor for discussion on the topic by seeking the participation of various members with diversified views on the topic.
  3. Also important while choosing such a persuasive topic, an important thing to be observed is the stand taken by the writer on the topic and his persuasion skills to convince people on his idea or claim with the support of evidence and strong proofs revealed based on logic and practical reasoning abilities.
  4. Another main feature to be considered while writing a persuasive essay is the level of interest of the writer on the selected topic and his/ her approach or strong views on the topic which are to be clearly indicated through the essay.
  5. A good persuasive topic is one which is a general topic on which everyone has an idea and can relate to it on a personal level.
  6. A good persuasive topic is a great churner for various arguments and supported reasoning. It has the potential to raise grave concerns and debate on the topic.
  7. A great persuasive topic can strongly showcase the skills of leadership, diplomacy, communication, logical thinking, social influence and manipulation techniques of the writer to gather support for his/ her ideas and views expressed in the essay.

Some persuasive essay topics are as given below:

  1. Current affairs: Is a health insurance cover a vital need for all Americans?
  2. Student life: Would you prefer Co-education schools for your kids?
  3. Careers: Opting for an unusual career choice
  4. Basic rights: Is Women’s right an over blown issue created by the media?
  5. Animal rights: Is being a non-vegan a crime?
  6. World: Are trade barriers important for countries to protect their market?