Common Essay Topics For The GED Test: Practice Your Writing Skills

Writing an essay is one of the most common assignments students attempt during their educational careers. They learn about different types and forms of essays as they grow up and promote to higher grades. The length and complication of these assignments also increases with time. It is easier to write a paper when you have enough time for research and planning. You can use the internet, library, books, expert written essays and many other sources to collect relevant data to rove your stance. You can brainstorm more than once to find a great topic for your paper. You can take breaks and work in small intervals to stay fresh. However, it is hard to write an on-spot essay for different quizzes and tests. If you are to appear in the SAT exam or GED test, you will need to write the essay on that instant. You do not have the liberty to search any source or use any other materials else than your own creativity and information.

Students want to rank higher in the GED paper because it will decide their scholarship, admission and many other things in their educational career. In order to write a great essay in your GED test, you need to be prepared in advance. Start practicing at home and write your paper with a countdown timer or stopwatch to see how you perform. With enough practice, you will be able to write your paper in time and almost about any subject. You can either use topics from past GED exams or consider the following topics to practice your writing skills

  1. Sex driven society can only lead to increase in rapes, domestic abuse and teen pregnancies
  2. Government should radical steps to spread awareness about child abuse and domestic violence
  3. Marriages fail due to financial crisis as much as they fail due to lack of understanding
  4. People who involve in self harm like cutting or burning certain body parts, will be prone to commit suicide at later stages in life
  5. Homework assignments should not exceed the normal capacity of a student that gives them stress and anxiety
  6. Patients should have healthy and happy environment if they are to recover better and fast
  7. Teachers and parents need to stay in close contact in order to shape the personality and performance of their kid