A List Of 20 Great Exploratory Research Essay Topics

One of the best kept secrets to success with research essays is usually to have a good topic. A good topic is like having the perfect first impression. Herein are some of the finest set of topics that will work for you when you are writing an exploratory research essay.

  1. Discuss the supposed failure of Dickens when he switched to romantic narrative in his work
  2. Investigate the contribution of Sigmund Freud to psychology as we see it today, discussing the values that persist
  3. How much of an individual’s sexual orientation is dictated by the culture that they are from, or from similar complications?
  4. Discuss the element of group dynamics and how it impacts on leadership
  5. Why do we allude dementia and madness to concepts of mental challenge?
  6. The dangers of investing in and using nuclear power
  7. How cheap is alternative energy, in particular wind energy? Is it viable, practical and efficient?
  8. Discuss the changes that can be made to further enhance the production and sustenance of efficient sources of energy
  9. Explain the concept behind forensic science technology, and how it helps in solving crimes
  10. Discuss the future of genetic engineering, with a view to solving current problems, and advancing towards a safer tomorrow
  11. Define alchemy, and explain how it can be put into place
  12. As is the case with writing a research paper, discuss the case for or against media reporters revealing their sources
  13. Xenophobia is currently an epidemic in some parts of the world; discuss the challenges that lead to the spread of this heinous vice
  14. Piracy threatens to kill the entertainment industry; discuss how the music and film industry can deal with this once and for all
  15. There are musicians who support the continued spread of their music through piracy, claiming that it helps them spread their message to more people than if they were restricted to purchasing official copies. Discuss how this works, and if it is a good thing in the long run
  16. Discuss as a manager, how you can bring together 4 different generations of employees under your leadership to work together and understand one another
  17. Discuss how taxes hurt small businesses, and provide remedies to this challenge
  18. Corporate espionage is the rage in the world today. How can this be handled effectively?
  19. Giving relevant examples, analyze the concept of interracial marriages and relationships, and discuss how they go so far in fostering a better future, or not.
  20. Is the evolution process of human beings complete, or is there still another level(s) coming up ahead into the future?