A List Of Interesting Essay Topics: Off The Beaten Path

Essays can be boring to read and write. They can seem to all have topics that are variations of older ones that have been used over and over again in the past. If you intend to seek out new and exciting concepts to write on, bear this in mind:

  • A concept that is too revolutionary for your audience is best explored through another forum
  • If you try to hard, it can seem that you are creating an infomercial rather than a serious piece of academic writing
  • Sometimes, even though your intentions are good, you will end up offending someone and then have to apologize
  • Even if you are the first one you know of to try a concept, you may not actually be the first one in the world so be prepared to have company in your idea
  • There are worse things than being unoriginal if you truly cannot come up with something unique in the time you were allotted

Having mulled over those tips, here is list of topics that you might try out if you were focused on doing something a bit out of the ordinary:

  • How fashion is influenced by worldwide economic downturns
  • The use of the term ‘climate change’ and how it affects presidential prospects
  • Should alcohol be criminalized because it is more dangerous than marijuana?
  • Should genius children be encouraged to raise themselves if their parents show poor judgment?
  • Are skin conditions truly a sign of unseen medical challenges?
  • Should the modern school system be scrapped to make way for more auto-didactic learning?
  • Is globalization better or worse for culture?
  • Could the abolition of the use of motor vehicles reverse worldwide trends in obesity?
  • To what extent does prayer affect the lives of people who engage in it daily?
  • Why should people not be allowed the right to commit suicide?
  • Should all drugs be made legal for recreational use in adults?
  • Do the rights of human beings in poverty supersede the rights of animals whose species are on the verge of extinction?
  • Why is torture wrong?
  • Should parents who raise their children badly be fined?
  • Can colors affect moods in a significant way?
  • Should children be allowed more freedom in their daily lives?

No matter who you are you can find a topic that fits up your alley on a list this diverse. Try out as many as you like for size to get some practice.