How to Write a Strong Essay Paper in a Day

An approaching deadline can be the best motivator for every student. If you have one day left to prepare your strong essay paper, you should have a good plan and a positive attitude. So, how can you write a paper in a day?

Accept the Situation

It is better to write an essay in advance and submit it far before the deadline, but you have left it to the last day, so have to work with what you have. Do not panic, stay calm and you can manage any task you have.

Prepare Yourself for a Working Session

Planning is everything, do not try to start writing before you develop and put down your plan. Proper breakfast or lunch should be a part of your plan, there is nothing worse than to start working without charging yourself with energy. Then choose a work station where family and friends will not disturb you. A good idea is to write in the library. Grab a pen, a bottle of water, some snacks, and the notes you prepared if any and turn off your mobile devises. Nothing bothers more than endless messages and calls.

Select a Topic and a Type of the Essay

Do not underestimate the importance of choosing a topic you are interested in. It is easier to study the subject you are familiar with. You do not have time to learn something new anyway. So, pick a topic, narrow it and decide what kind of an essay you are going to write. There are four main essay types, namely narrative, persuasive, argumentative and analytical. Each of them has specific qualities and requires a different writing approach.

Do Some Research and Develop Your Ideas

Write down a draft version of your introduction, including the main statement. Then do some research and pick the references. Use blank cards and put down the ideas, quotes, sources titles, key facts and names. In other words, gather the information for your essay. Organize the cards in a proper way and now you have an outline of your essay.

Type Everything Fast

When you type the first version of the essay, do it fast. There is no need to add all the details and master the phrases. Get a draft version of the whole paper and then start adding the facts, explanations and citations. The next step is reading the text and editing mistakes and inaccuracies. Check the formatting and print the essay. Take a break and relax for a while and then proofread the printed version.