10 powerful topics for persuasive essays

The best topics for persuasive essays are ones that are super controversial. Controversial topics are those that have just as many against them as they do for them. These types of issues are ones that really don’t have a right or wrong answer and they stay in that grey area. The reason why this issues work the best for persuasive essays is because there are a lot of information to support your position and because you have a huge audience to convince. Here is a compilation of the ten most controversial issues today that will make a powerful topic for your persuasive essay.

  1. Euthanasia: Doctor assisted suicide or mercy killings are a huge controversial topic because many people believe that if someone is in a lot of pain and they will never recover, letting them die in peace is morally sound. The opposing view is that it is not moral to take someone else’s life even if they ask you to.
  2. Abortion: There has been much controversy over whether it is moral for a woman to choose to abort her pregnancy or whether it should be considered murder. When is a fetus alive? This issue has supporters on both sides.
  3. Legalization of Marijuana: Since marijuana is used medically now, there is a huge push to legalize it. Supporters believe that it does not make sense that it is illegal because it is used to help individuals. The other side believes that until there are ways to restrict the use, it should not be legal since all of the long term side effects have not been discovered.
  4. Animal testing: The testing of drugs and cosmetics on animals has always been a controversial issue. It helps saves lives by being able to test cures on animals but is it morally right to intentionally give animals deadly diseases.
  5. Same sex marriage: This is a back and forth issues. Should individuals of the same sex be allowed to get married? Is it moral to allow individuals to marry who they want regardless of their sexual preference.
  6. Sex before marriage and children out of wedlock: This has become an issue that is more common. The fight over when to have children and when to engage in sexual activity. Do you have to be married before you have sex?
  7. Wearing fur: Millions of animals are killed simply for their fur. This is a nightmare for animal activist groups but it is a luxury for fashion designers.
  8. Stem cell research: Stem cell research can help find cures for many diseases but in order to get the stem cells to test, a fetus has to be destroyed. Is it okay to do research on fetuses that are going to be destroyed anyways?
  9. Animal cloning: For fear of a real live Jurassic Park instance, should we clone animals or leave nature to its own recourse?
  10. Death penalty: Should the death penalty be used or should criminals be put in jail for the rest of their lives? This is a controversial issue because it costs so much to keep an inmate in jail, but is it morally right to kill someone for a crime.

Anyone of these topics are sure to get someone blood boiling and help you write a powerful persuasive essay too.