Advice On How To Write A Rogerian Essay

Rogerian essays are a little different than regular argumentative essays, the difference in that in normal argumentative essays are trying to win your argument, while in Rogerian ones, are trying to show your audience that both sides of the argument and give them a higher opinion of the subject.

The Steps Of The Process

You have your topic and you are ready to jump in.  What do you do first?

  • Research: The first thing you have to do is your research.  While you are doing this research, you much keep in mind that you are trying to find arguments for both sides and that you have to make valid points for both sides.
  • Writing your introduction: The introduction will lay the groundwork for the rest of your paper.  This is there to grab the audience and pull them in.  You want to layout what the subject is and where you are going to take the paper.
  • Layout Point:  The next part is you laying the groundwork for the argument.   You need to briefly outline the views on both sides of the subject; you must include the positive opinion and the negative issues on the subject.
  • Layout Your Opinion:  Now you can briefly tell the audience your views on the subject and explain the other side of the subject.   While doing this part you want to keep in mind that both sides of the argument are valid and that you respect them.
  • Examine the ideas further:  Here you will examine your ideas and the ones of others.  In this part you will find common ground between the two and show the reader that both sides have valid points.
  • Unknown views:  This part is where you tell the audience about further exploration of the subject and find points that haven’t been covered and find new views on the subject that the reader might not have thought of before.
  • Bring It Home:  The conclusion of your essay needs to show the audience that both sides valid points. This should leave your audience with an unprejudiced view on the subject.
  • Revise and Proofread:  After you have completed the essay sit down and read it.  Make sure that your not only get spelling and grammar errors but also that you didn’t try to win your argument in the essay.  This kind of essay can’t be won but it does have to leave the reader open-minded to the subject.