Getting help with your academic essays: what to write about

Academic essays can be complicated to write. They are formal, fact driven essays which involve a great deal of research. So  how do you write a good academic essay? How do you make an essay that by its very definition is dull an uninteresting captivate the reader? How do you choose a good topic for an academic paper? It's not easy, but these tips should help.

  1. Choose a topic, which has relevance
    • An academic paper is instantly more interesting if it is about a topic, which is relevant to the world we live in.
    • A relevant topic can be anything that has people talking. One of the strongest topics is the issue of gender equality. Everybody is talking about it, everybody has got an opinion about it.
  2. Avoid any overly specific topics
    • An academic paper should act as an introduction. It should give an overview of the topic. "Spice Girls Number Ones" is fine, "Spice Girls Number Ones relating to the great Russian writers of the latter half of the eighteenth century is not.
    • Don't actually write about the Spice Girls.
  3. Choose a topic, which is easy to research
    • When choosing a topic for an academic paper, you should always choose a topic, which is easy to find information on.
    • This will save you searching through bookcase after bookcase at the library just to find a book that will tell you the date of something.
  4. Choose a topic you are interested in
    • Speaking of making the research process easier on yourself, it is a smart move to write about a topic which you are genuinely interested in. This will make researching for your paper a more enjoyable task.
    • Remember, academic papers are supposed to be fact based. Try to avoid giving your opinion on anything. This may be more difficult if you are writing about a topic you are passionate about.
  5. Choose a topic with the rest of the essay in mind
    • If you are somebody who has trouble filling up pages in an essay, you should always choose the topic, which you can write most about.
    • Usually, this is a historical topic. Wars generally provide you with an unlimited amount of material to write about. Good ol' war, eh? Solves all our problems.

      Now that you have learned how to choose a good academic essay topic, you can get started on your essay. Lucky you!