What is a Good Argumentative Essay Topic

A good argumentative essay topic is one that presents a clear question for debate and one in which members of your audience are required to take one side or another. They should be interesting but not too difficult to understand so that you don’t force people away from the topic. Here are some ideas for really good argumentative essay topics:

Should more cities legalize gambling in order to generate revenue and stimulate the economy? Does the taboo of gambling prevent sound economic choices?

Should abuse crimes against minors always come with an automatic maximum penalty for those found guilty? Are punishments too lenient on those who commit against minors?

Should police or security forces face tougher penalties when they commit crimes? When those in charge commit the same crime they have sworn to protect us from, should they be treated as regular civilians?

Should students face tougher penalties when they commit misdemeanors against school property? School property is often paid for with taxes from the community. Why shouldn’t the persons responsible take a bigger claim in responsibility?

What is the best way to handle repeat offenders when the crimes they commit occur so far apart from one another? There is a sense that people can redeem themselves, but past crimes can often haunt someone who makes the same mistake with no apparent pattern.

Should the U.S. reinvest in the space program or should it be in the hands of private firms to achieve the expectations of inter-planetary travel? Interplanetary travel is just a few years away, many believe, but the cost has fallen largely on private investors. Should countries be more supportive with funding?

Should people found responsible for the accidental deaths of animals be punished as they would had the death occurred to a person? We love our pets and many believe they are a part of the family. So should the punishment fit the crime?

Should students learn more about film and music while they are in grade school, or should these arts be more of a personal pursuit? Are film and music being downplayed in education? Should we pay more attention and educate on the technicalities of each?

Can a college student athlete ever be held to higher academic standards, or are low grades the norm? Student athletes can earn scholarships to play at some very prestigious universities yet never have to maintain a high enough grade point average that would merit another student’s dismissal.

Can world peace be achieved through military action? Who is responsible for taking this action? Some believe that world peace can happen through policing by the world’s strongest nations. Who really, though, is in charge of this?