How to select hot argumentative topics for essays

In order to write a great argumentative essay you need to follow these basic steps:

Step 1: Select your object or subject.

Observation is one of the biggest parts to writing a successful descriptive essay. For example: if you are writing about a particular place you should go to that place during the research part of your essay and write down any sights or sounds. The essay should paint a picture for your reader using the senses and other descriptive writing devices.

Step 2: Select the most important details.

After you have collected details on the surroundings or the observations you need to select the most important details. Look for the ones which support your main impression of the object or subject.

Step 3: Organize your details.

The paragraphs in your essay should be structured in such a way as to present your details in an organized fashion. You can use a narrative pattern or you can structure the details from general to specific. You can structure the paragraphs in a chronological format or use an exemplification pattern.

Step 4: Use descriptive words.

When writing a descriptive essay you want to avoid general or ambiguous words such as “beautiful” or “good”. Use descriptive words and include sensory details related to:

  • Smells
  • Sights
  • Sounds
  • Touch
  • Tastes

Step 5: Come to logical conclusions.

Use descriptive words to create a logical and well structured conclusion.

As you write your descriptive essay it is imperative that you use clear and vivid word choices. All of your phrases and words should be relevant and thereby carefully selected. They should correspond to the subject or object you are going to describe.

You also want to ensure that you have a coherent flow to the paper. Your information should be logical and leave a clear impression on your readers. Make sure to evoke a sense of appreciation for the object or subject in the mind of the reader. You want the reader to feel the same things you feel toward the subject or object.

If you are struggling to come up with a topic consider the examples below:

  • You can write about instances where (if any) it is justifiable to break the law
  • You can write about whether colleges should pay their college athletes the same as a professional league
  • You can write about whether global warming has been more or less an exaggeration or if it hasn’t been exaggerated enough