English 101 essay topics for writing on a brand new level

Let's start with a few facts. You're going to have to write numerous essays during your time in college. In your first year you will probably take English 101 which is for every first-year student and in which you will need to cover the basics of essay writing. But not only is it important that you grasp the basics but also that you choose topics which will set your essay writing apart from the others. Remember this is a competition. You want to get the best possible score for your assignments and thus get the best possible result for your degree.

There are two things you need to do in English 101

  • Understand and put into practice the basics of good essay writing.
  • Learn how to discover excellent essay topics to make your writing sing.

The basics of essay writing will cover such things as creating a plan or outline, learning how to create a structure of an essay, knowing how to revise and edit your writing, keeping to the required format and number of words and knowing how to stick to the topic. All of these things are covered in English 101. The sooner you know about all of them and apply them toward your essay writing, the easier your student days will become and the better the marks of your writing will be.

You will learn the value of knowing how to find research material and how to take notes from your reading. You will learn the importance of avoiding plagiarism and you will value your ability to prepare well in advance avoiding last-minute writing.

But then it comes to the topics themselves. You need to be interested in the topics you choose. You write better when you have affection for the subject you are studying. And it is the topic itself which drives your ability to write well. Your interest in the topic comes out in your writing. Consider some of the following topics that you might come across in any English 101 course. If they appeal to you or prompt or suggest another like topic, seize it and write according to the basics you have learned.

  • What have we learned in recent times from studying crime statistics?
  • Is there any harm in playing violent video games?
  • Are we becoming immune to the value of certain medications?
  • Is the state of the planet related to the state of the health of bees?
  • Name three musical genres which have been discovered in the last few years and explain their popularity.