How to write essays: some productive advice

If you are aiming to write an essay with the speed of lightening then you need to have a lot of practice and a strategy prepared. Keep a timer nearby so you can evaluate your speed and quality of writing within that time.

Here you will be given valuable tips, which can help you in writing your essay in lesser time

Ignore the introduction part temporarily

Most students have the perfect plot already set in their mind and they know exactly how they want to present it but they find difficulty in their initial starting points. This stage usually tires the writer and demotivates them. Ignoring this part of the essay just for a while will help you write quickly all the thoughts that come in your head. All the ideas that are flowing through your head you can write them down without saving them for after you have written the introduction. It also happens that by the time you are done with the introduction you have forgotten several ideas that you previously had.

Tell how you can support your idea.

Once you have written the major portion of your essay then the next step that you have to do is to support your idea. Critically analyze your ideas and see how you can argue for or against them. Your argument should be logically put so your reader enjoys your essay. Your main point needs to be highlighted well in your essay.

Read what you have written

Once you have written your major part of your essay. Read them repeatedly. You need to make sure that you enjoy your own writing. The message needs to come across in a uniform flow. Proof read and edit wherever you find necessary. Write as if this is the most important thing in your life

Next choose your introduction and conclusion

Once the body of your essay is finished, you can now fully focus on your introduction and your conclusion. This method is efficient because now the writer will be better able to discuss and summarize what they have written in their main body. You need to have a full understanding of what you have written so you can write an intriguing introduction and a perfect conclusion to your essay so you can leave the reader in a satisfied state of mind.