How to Write an Essay that Will Stand Out

Essay writing is an efficient way to address a topic and express a particular point of view. Writing an essay that will stand out can be challenging yet fun when it is done with careful planning and proper execution.


  • Create a list of topics that are of a particular interest to you. You will also want to consider what will give you plenty of ideas to work with and what will be interesting to your reader.
  • Try searching for topics online or via news reports that are of keen societal interest. This will more than likely spark your reader’s interest in your essay.
  • Narrow down the topics you have researched and choose the one that best suits and fulfills the purpose of your essay.

Writing the Essay

  • Start with a sentence that catches your reader’s attention and makes them intrigued enough to want to read more. Try asking a thought provoking question to draw your reader in.
  • Create an outline with subtitles for each idea as it relates to your topic.
  • When writing each paragraph be sure to include facts that support your opinion.


  • Be sure to incorporate your research and opinions and tie them all together in the conclusion of your essay.
  • Consider making a strong statement or additional thought provoking question the same way you did in the introduction of the essay.
  • Present a strong conclusion that leads your reader to some sort of call to action. This will resonate with them and stand out in their minds even after they have finished reading the essay.

Writing an essay that will stand out is something that can be done but has to be executed carefully in order to accomplish the overall goal of reaching and informing your reader.Considering your audience when writing an essay is a good way to ensure that your essay will stand out and intrigue your reader. People are more inclined to read and show interest in something when it is the most relevant and relatable topic to them. As long as you put plenty of thought into your topic, outline, sentence structure, and catchy phrases/wording, you will definitely have an essay that stands out and makes your reader want to read not only that essay but any essays you may write in the future.