How to improve your essay writing skills - what mistakes to avoid

There are basically two ways in which you can improve your essay writing skills. You can learn the many good points about writing an essay and put those points into practice in your writing. That's the positive approach to the situation. Alternatively, you can learn about the mistakes students make when writing an essay and learn how to eradicate those mistakes from your own work. If you like, that's the negative approach to the subject. But whichever method you choose to use, the end result should be that your essays get better marks.

The mistakes you must avoid

  • Not following the rules and requirements of a particular format.
  • Not answering the question or sticking to the topic.
  • Not adhering to the number of words to be delivered.
  • Repeating yourself.
  • Not becoming an excellent student as far as proof reading is concerned.

Your teacher or professor may specify a particular format such as APA which must be followed in writing your essay. Here there are a variety of requirements such as the font size, margins, heading, and citation of references. Even if you write an excellent essay, if you fail to keep to the rules required by using this particular format you will receive a reduced mark.

One of the cardinal rules as far as good essay writing skills are concerned is sticking to the topic. There might be a question to answer in the essay. So many students wander off the pathway. They do not stick to the topic. Or worse, they do not answer the question which may even be in the title of the essay. Do not make this type of mistake.

A less complicated mistake or error is the ability to count. If the essay requirement is for a work of 1500 words, don't submit an essay with 2000 words or with 1000 words. Learn to count.

Repetition is a common mistake made by students when writing their essays. They find a different way or ways to say the same thing. This causes the examiner to pull out their hair. You make the point once and leave it at that. Avoid repetition.

Finishing the essay on time and writing as well as you can is par for the course. To improve your work you need to become an excellent proofreader. Find and remove spelling and grammatical mistakes. Edit your writing so that the sentences flow one into the next and the paragraphs support one another. The final polish can make all the difference and it is a serious mistake to not pay due attention to proofreading.