The Basics Of Writing An Essay: What The Proper Structure Is

An basic essay is usually about five paragraphs long but can be longer depending on the assignment.  The basic components of an essay are the introduction, body, which includes about three paragraphs that each have a point to back up your topic, and then the conclusion that ties the entire essay together.  Sounds pretty easy and it is but research and writing those components is the hard part.  You have to become an expert on the subject, so your essay is well written and so you don’t write the wrong information.  Now that you know the structure, lets go into detail on it.

Proper Structure


Introduction:  This is usually one or two paragraph depending on the requirement from you instructor.  Your introduction has to tell the reader what the essay is about, what you are going to talk about in the essay, and your thesis statement, which will tell the reader what you want to prove with this essay.  If you leave out any of these parts of your essay’s introduction is will be confusing and lose the reader as soon as they finish reading it.

Body:  The body of your essay is about three paragraphs that are used to get your point across to your reader.  Even if you have to write a longer essay, you should still only have three main points because doing too many will lose the reader.  Each point should be set up like this, introduce it, explain it, give evidence and facts, and then explain how the point is related to your thesis of your essay.  The last part is important because if you can’t do this then you need a new supporting fact or evidence to your paper.

Conclusion:  This is kind of like your introduction because you kind put the same information in it as the introduction but in a different way.  You tell them what you proved by rewriting your thesis statement, give a brief description of your points to back up this statement, and make sure that you use prove your thesis right or wrong in this paragraph.  And your opening sentence for your introduction and conclusion should be eye catching and interesting.

You can have an easier time writing your essay by first making at outline using these structural parts.  Use the information I gave you and outline it before you start to compose your essay.  This will lay it out in front of you and show you what the essay will look like and read.