Top Notch Argument Essay Topics For College

Need an especially good topic for your next argument essay? We've got lots of good ideas. Read on and see if one of them inspires you to write a grade A paper...

  • Animal Rights, Experimentation, And Our Food Production Standards
  • Pigs are believed to be at least as intelligent, social, and affectionate as dogs. But we love our bacon, which apparently makes it OK to keep mother sows in “rape cages” so small they cannot turn around to nuzzle their young! Yet an Asian family enjoys a hot dog (literally) and the westerners are up in arms over Spot in the pot.

  • Immigration, Border Control And Who Is Allowed To Go Where
  • Hundreds of thousands of Africans, Chinese and Southeast Asians come to our shore every year. Some as tourists, many as investors, others seeking permanent immigration rights. Everyone is welcome! As long as they can afford the visas, the investment requirements, and the stiff tuition fees we charge foreign students at our institutions of higher learning. Market economics or systematic discrimination?

  • The Pharmaceutical Companies And Their Policies
  • The drug companies are at the forefront of research into all manner of human (and non-human) disease, illness and suffering. As long as there is a market that can pay for the potions they produce! True or false? As companies, should they care who can afford their products? Porsche doesn't care about the affordability of it's goods, why should Pfizer?

  • Choose Life?
  • Pro-choice or pro-life, there is never a shortage of women (and men) willing to wade in to the abortion debate. When does life begin? If an embryo has a right to life than doesn't a “half life” like a sperm or an unfertilized egg deserve the same rights and protection? What if the pregnancy is endangering the mother's life? Or what is she just doesn't want kids? This is one issue that will never go away!

  • Death By Dying?
  • “To be or not to be”, may be the question, but there is certainly no consensus as to what the “answer” is when it comes to the right to die. Suicide is an honourable exit from this world, to the next, in some cultures. Other countries insist that their (and by extension, your) “God” will decide your departure date. Who is right?

  • Girls Who Are Boys Who Like Boys To Be Girls Who...
  • Sex sells, and “alternative” sexual practices sell the best of all. Perhaps the same applies to coming up with a killer college composition. The weirder and the more off the wall the topic, the better the essay may be!