How to Obtain Proofread Analysis Essay Examples for Free

You do not have to pay a single dollar to get excellent, proofread analysis essay examples. Just use the tips below.

  • Ask the instructor who gave you this assignment whether he or she has previous examples of analysis essays on file.
  • If the answer is yes, ask him or her to let you have a look at these examples to see how this kind of essay should look like. The instructor may allow you to take these essays home or read them in class. Pay attention to any mistakes that are underlined and fixed. Write a note for yourself to avoid them.

  • Visit your school library.
  • Ask the librarian about examples of analysis essays. Your school library may not only have essays submitted by students in previous years, but also guides on critical essay writing. Check them for paragraph structure and typical mistakes that are explained. The essays stored in the library may not have been perfect initially, but they have been proofread by tutors and their authors’ mistakes have been fixed. You may even be able to sort them by the resulting grades, and select only A and A+ papers to use as your examples.

  • Join an online library.
  • Online research libraries have hundreds or even thousands of student papers of any sort. Just make sure it is an actual research library, not a free academic paper database. Such databases often contain plagiarized or low-quality papers, many of which lack proper structure and referencing, and are ridden with errors. Meanwhile, online academic libraries value their reputations and only include selected books, journals, and papers. Choose a free library, or one that offers a limited free trial. After the trial period expires, you can use another email to register as different user and get free access again. The availability of lots of proofread essay examples is worth the effort.

  • Visit writing labs.
  • Educational websites and online writing labs are created to assist you with academic writing. There, you can find free tips, guidelines, and recommendations on how to approach critical analysis essays. Of course, these resources also contain proofread essay examples that are fully explained, paragraph by paragraph.

  • Browse high school and college websites.
  • Websites of educational institutions are another reliable source of proofread and explained essay samples. To discover many at once, make a search engine query such as “analysis essay sample.” Limit the search by website type, such as “” You will see many good and relevant essay examples available to you for free.