Who Would Agree to Write My Essay for Free?

Whether you are in high school or in college, chances are pretty good that you’ve mulled over this question once or twice in a given semester. Chances are also pretty high that you aren’t likely to have found someone willing to write your essay without some form of compensation. Essay writing takes time and requires a skill that can be a lucrative money maker for those that have mastered the writing craft. That being said, there may be a few people out there who are willing to help at no cost, but don’t be disappointed if you can’t find them so easily.

Ask a friend

Perhaps the best place to start looking for someone who would be willing to write your essay for free is in your circle of friends. Regardless of age, you are likely to notice that some of your friends are better in certain subjects than they are in others. Some are great in math, others are great in chemistry, and someone will be great at writing. Ask your talented writer-friend for some assistance. Even though he or she may only help you with writing instead of writing your entire essay at no cost, it never hurts to take whatever assistance you can. Be ready to offer some homework assistance in return.

Ask an older sibling

Even if you don’t have an older sibling who is an exceptional writer, there’s a great chance they know a lot more about sentence structure, flow, thesis statements, and more. You will need to provide your siblings with your homework content since they are likely not to be caught up on everything that you are covering in your classes. So be sure you don’t forget to provide notes, books, and even some ideas about what it is you want to write about.

The two examples above are likely your best chances of getting something done for free (or for a small return favor), but you can also check with parents, tutors, and even do an online search for someone wanting to take a fun side-project. These choices, however, are a lot less likely to help and will likely encourage you to do your essay on your own. While trying to find someone to write your essay for free is tempting, you should realize that you won’t be getting very much out of this approach. You’ll pass the assignment, but if you have trouble writing in general you don’t get the much needed practice you need.