Dealing with sports persuasive essay: selecting topics

Persuasive essays about sports can either be quite enjoyable or terribly daunting depending on your level of knowledge and interest in the subject. If you tend to fall into the second category it can create a severe problem when attempting to select a narrower topic within this category to argue. Despite the fact that you may not know much about sports or have a strong opinion about anything concerning sports you can experience success when writing about this topic. Below I will list some topics for essays that will be easy to compose and present a coherent argument about whether or not you possess a great amount of knowledge about this subject.

  • Sports: Are school sports programs necessary for a proper education? (This essay could easily fall into either the category of sports or education).
  • Why the United Kingdom has the best soccer team in the league. (This topic is both easily argued and enjoyable to research).
  • May the Best Sport Win! Which sport is the Most Challenging to Learn? (You cannot get through this piece without revealing some personal opinion which creates the environment for an amazing persuasive essay.
  • Basketball: the best way to learn dribbling techniques. (You could easily research dribbling techniques and argue for the one that you feel is the most effective).
  • Cricket vs. Baseball why cricket is better? (Or why baseball is better?) (These two similar sports would be easy to compare and would provide an excellent opportunity to persuade your audience to embrace your favorite).
  • The Olympics: why (insert country) has the most athletically talented people. (This would be an interesting topic because it involves some level of nationalism. Because of this be careful to be respectful when presenting your opinion).
  • Fitness: why sports are necessary to keep a country’s population fit. (This topic would be excellent for a health and fitness class).
  • Why professional athletes should (or should not) be paid millions to play a game. (This is pretty easy to argue because everyone has an opinion on how money should be spent.
  • Football: should America have to rename their game? (This would be an interesting topic but would be very difficult to use the logos method of persuasion to win your audience over).
  • Which sport is more dangerous: hockey or rugby? (Again, this piece is mostly based on personal opinion but you could use facts about injuries to present evidence for one or the other.

All of the above mentioned topics would be great to use for a persuasive essay concerning sports. However, if these do not appeal to you it is simple to choose your own topic. To do this simply pick up the latest issue of a sports magazine and choose a topic that people could have different opinions about and construct your essay from that. I am sure that you will find writing a sports persuasive essay less challenging than you may have expected.