A Manual For Composing A Great Nursing Reflective Essay

Nursing has fast become an increasingly efficacious subject. Most healthcare centers now look for qualified and experienced nurses; the earlier tendency to choose soft-hearted women for the vocation has passed off.

  • The critical junctures
  • If you have taken up your vocation as a nurse and gone through the academic grind, the reflective essay should come naturally to you. There must have been critical situations in your life which propelled you to become a nurse. You must have met influential people in the main.

  • Choose a strong topic
  • Carving out a strong reflective essay on nursing clearly demands a well chosen topic. You may take up a situation when you were supposed to take the mantle of the absentee doctor in caring for a critical patient. You must be very descriptive of the situations that arose.

  • Begin with hesitation
  • You may mention in your essay the initial hesitation that you showed. You were after all, alone and without any directions. You started off by utilizing all that you learned as a nurse putting the patient at ease and making him realize that he is in safe hands.

  • Proactive steps
  • Your essay may trace how you approached fellow nurses for medical assistance and also the pharmacy to get a clear understanding of the injections given for the particular disease. You of course went through his prescriptions and all the tests to ascertain the ailment that the patient was suffering from.

  • Gain in confidence
  • Now, your essay may continue with how you administered him saline water and trumped his finger for BP and pulse rate checks. You also placed an oxygen cylinder beside him in case he suffers from breathing arrhythmia. Now, you injected him with the advised dosage and also created the environment to ensure that he gets a good sleep.

  • Putting relatives at ease
  • All this while, you tried to communicate with the doctor/s and kept connecting with the relatives to keep them at home. Without betraying the fact that all this time, you were taking care to the patient; you somehow managed to hold the situation under control.

  • The doctor’s arrival
  • In your essay, you may write that eventually the doctor came and was surprised at the presence of mind you showed and the correct dosage you gave. Your efficacy was appreciable; even the relatives had a feeling that the patient’s care has diminished in the doctor’ hand.

Try to place a reflection that others can identify with.