The use of international organization by the dominant political actors for their hegemonic goals

Most of the international organizations are used by the powerful global political actors for their own interest. States set their goals and use international institutions to advance those goals and design.

  • US steps UNESCO funding
  • OCC go-ahead for resetting PAK-US Ties
  • Cabinet Okays agreement with US on NATO supplies

Aims of international organizations have become blurred as we see what these well known international organizations are doing for the rights of weaken power states. It has been noticed that some powerful political actors are using international organizations for their national interests, settled goals, and vague benefits, But not in the favor of global interest. Just to observe this scenario we have recent and still operational example of USAID in Pakistan. As our political leaders of that time in 2012 wanted this United State’s organization to visit Islamabad and stay engaged at official level. This was the time when Pakistan also wanted to re-engage the military set up between U.S and Pakistan.

While this year was also well noticed for when both countries were drafting pacts mutually for equally national interest. Whereas; putting all other things aside, Pakistan approved the agreement’s draft with U.S and NATO forces for their NATO supply route. Now U.S the super power got a way to reach Afghanistan with an ease that was not any ease task before this agreement.

Pakistan approved this route just because of benefits as we were playing a vital role in war & terror and AIDs to our country would have boosted more than ever we thought of.

"The cabinet approved the Memorandum of Understanding between the Islamic Republic of Pakistan and United States of America for the transit of US cargo to and from Afghanistan through the territory of Pakistan," said a statement issued after the cabinet meeting.

This U.S and Pakistan’s a tie assure the growth of mutual benefit, While, involvements of international organizations in these types of pacts could not be removed. As major international organizations are being used for state’s interest rather than use of humanity and rights of states, this is how state designed and set their goals to obtain relevant benefits through regional and international organizations.