List of strong cause and effect essay topics for high school students

Language arts teachers in high school are tasked with teaching their students how to write several types of essays. While the most commonly taught essay style is the persuasive essay, teachers have to help build skills in the other types as well. This means that students needs to learn how to write narrative essays, informational essays, and cause-and-effect essays. In order to write these essays, instructors need to have a good list of essay topics for their students. While some students will want to choose their own topics, many other students will want to have a list they can use to pick a topic. Here is a list you can use to find a topic for a cause and effect essay:

  • What causes prejudice?
  • How does optimism improve health?
  • How do pets help their elderly humans?
  • How does music affect the performance of an athlete?
  • How does social media affect human communication?
  • What is the leading cause of divorce?
  • Why do so many freshmen fail courses?
  • What causes legendary music groups to break up?
  • How is the biofuel industry affecting farming practices?
  • What causes eating disorders?
  • What causes trends in the words that teens use?
  • How is immigration affecting job creation?
  • How is online dating affecting the wedding industry?
  • How is the wedding industry affecting the number of divorces?
  • How is the increased number of diagnosed autism cases affecting public schools?

Cause and effect essay topics can be about things that are closely related, like music and athletic performance or they can be about topics that do not seem related at all, like optimism and health. As an author of a cause and effect essay, your task is to show the direct or indirect relationship between the two items or ideas you are analyzing.

Cause and effect essays can be written about the outcome and what caused it to happen. They can also be written with an unknown outcome and what can happen to affect it. There are so many interesting ways to tackle a cause and effect essay that many students have difficulty even deciding where to begin. This is why students are directed to choose topic they know well so they can decide to keep the tone positive or negative. When a student chooses a great topic, that student has a better chance of succeeding on the essay.