How to write a synthesis essay: where to find a good sample

If you are trying to write a synthesis essay, you need to follow these steps:

  • Step 1:
  • One big problem that students find is being around friends or family who do not understand or appreciate when you say “no” or when you decline going out because you are writing. If creativity hits, use it. Do not waste it. Do not let friends who don’t understand get in the way or make you feel guilty about needing time off. They can be incredibly distracting, especially if they do not understand or respect your need to write. You might have to avoid going to a concert or you might have to kick your friends out after an early dinner. But don’t feel guilty about these things. Know that you are working toward a bigger goal. Learn to accept that you will need to say “no” every so often. But remember to take breaks as necessary. Close your computer sometimes and put down your phone.

  • Step 2:
  • Make sure you carve out time to write. Writing your synthesis essay is a marathon and it will take place over a long period of time in short increments. No matter how busy you might be, try and take thirty minutes per day minimum to write. Get up thirty minutes early if you have to but try and write just a bit each day. If you write one page each day, you will be able to finish one chapter in a month. Remember that every time you feel like skipping a day.

  • Step 3:
  • Do not make excuses. There are always reasons not to write. You will always have papers to grade. You will always have work to do. You will always have meetings, your computer will act up from time to time, your back will hurt. There are always reasons not to write and you need to just sit down and write no matter what. You need to write in order to get anything done.

  • Step 4:
  • As you are writing your synthesis essay, read everything you can. Read news articles, publications, web articles, etc… Read things about project management or thesis writing. Read about success stories and things to avoid. Many people who are far smarter than you or far more accomplished than you have written many guides for synthesis essay guidance and they are well worth reading. Reading a synthesis essay guide is not the same as actually working. You still need to write every day.