How to find a plagiarism-free essay sample online

Students today are not content with listening to writing instruction. They need to be able to see samples and many students need to use them as models to use when they are writing their own samples. Unfortunately, students have many challenges trying to find a good essay sample that is also free of plagiarism.

Why Teachers Will Not Give Samples

Teachers are unlikely to give samples to students because they worry that students will steal the paper or some of the ideas in the paper. Many times, students will take any free ideas that they can get, even if the instructor writes a sample for the students to use. It is unfortunate that so few teachers are able to give examples to their students simply because teachers do not trust that their students will write with their own unique thoughts.

Know Where to Look

Since students are unable to get examples from their instructors, they have to turn to alternative methods to find plagiarism-free essay examples. The only option is the Internet. While just a few short years ago, it was easy to find essay about nearly everything. Now, free essays are few and far between, unless you know where to look. Once you know where to look, you will have plenty of free essays to use, but they will not be considered plagiarism-free since they will show up on plagiarism-checking software.

Free Essays Usually Show Up on Plagiarism Checkers

Free essays can be found on professional writing sites. Many sites will have sample essays available for students to use for a variety of purposes. Some will be completely free and you simply will need to download them. There will be other samples that the sites will let you preview, but not download. The best way to get a plagiarism-free sample is to download one of those samples and then revise it so it is uniquely yours. It is important to remember that if you can find an essay online, your instructor can, too.

Hire a New Writer

Another possible place to find a free essay is to hire someone to write one for you. Some people will write a few sample essay for clients in order to get their business out there. With a few good free essays, writing sites will have samples to show potential clients. They will occasionally write a free essay in order to get a review in exchange. You could always offer to do this for a writing site.