Help me find out where to look for some good argumentative essay topics

What main components entail a good argumentative essay?

It entails a writer analyzing a particular subject matter or topic, determining what position to take on the subject matter, and how to persuade the targeted readers why that perspective is the best one.

The argumentative essay usually discusses a subject matter that has two viewpoints that are in conflict with each other.

With an argumentative essay, the writer must ensure that there is enough information and sources on the subject to support their position on it.

With an argumentative essay, the writer has to make sure the chosen subject can be argued from opposing sides or have opposing viewpoints.

Ways to write the best argumentative essay:

  1. The writer should always plan out how they will write the argumentative essay.
  2. The writer has to select a topic that has two different views that are in conflict.
  3. The writer must ensure that they pick their viewpoint or position on the subject.
  4. The writer must make sure they have enough information on the subject matter that will support their position.
  5. The writer needs to find evidence and facts that will support their take or perspective on the subject.
  6. After all evidence and facts have been gathered, it is time to begin writing the argumentative essay.
  7. It is advisable to do an outline of all evidence and facts gathered before writing the essay.
  8. The essay should contain the following three parts:
    • Introduction.
    • Body.
    • Conclusion.
  9. The writer should do at least two rough drafts of the essay before the final copy.
  10. All drafts of the essay has to be reviewed, edited, and corrected before writing the last copy of the essay.
  11. Once all drafts of the essay have been reviewed, edited, and corrected, now it is time to write the final copy.
  12. Once the final copy has written, reviewed, edited, and corrected, time to turn it into the teacher.

Here are some interesting topics for the argumentative essay:

Does dieting increase one’s capacity to get fat or not?

What is better: arranged marriage vs. dating sites to find the perfect mate?

Should a high school student take a break before starting college?

What is better: college degree vs. work experience?

What is better: two parent household vs. one parent household?

Does censorship of TV Shows and Music really control the moral fiber of America?