Dante's Inferno

Dante’s Inferno is referred to as Divine Comedy due to it biblical and European references with humor. Here the author, Dante Alighieri, places himself in the work as a fictional character. His character travels through three elements including heaven, purgatory, and hell. His work explores different sides of sinners and corrupt behaviors that often land people in places they do not want to be. The writer puts a number of people he didn’t like in places they probably wouldn’t like either. The story may have weird or unusual references, but overall it looks into the main character’s struggle to under his life purpose after his morals take a personal hit.

While this story has various points people can relate to, it shows how people may think they are one thing just because of something else when you are not. The main character in the story was forced into doing things he normally would not do just to get back on the right side of things. In a way, many people live their lives doing the same thing. The character believes in God and felt they had to do things through Satan in order to get back on the right track. In other words, it was as if this character had to lose their dignity in order to gain more clarity on ethical matters that made sense.

There are times in the story the main character thinks things can’t get any worse, but they do and some way shape or form, he is able to overcome it. People tend to feel the same way every day. Sometimes people wonder why they are put in such tight or strict situations only to later learn things will be okay. There are times the main character puts his trust into something that he does not know the outcome of. At the same time he is able to work through his challenges but move toward a more positive direction even when doing things he did not agree with.

The Inferno is a book that many people have enjoyed for a number of reasons. It is something that offers plenty of twists and turns that people can related to. You don’t have to be highly intelligent to be able to read and understand it. Some people were blindsided by the information in the book, but many considered this to be a good thing.