10 good topics for argumentative essays

When you want to put up a good argument you can find plenty of topics to write about. You just need to make sure your argumentative essay topic meets expectations of your instructor. The topic of interest needs to have clear supporting evidence on both sides. You will want to present your topic in a fair manner that gives others clear understanding as to why the topic is controversial, trending or argumentative. Such topics are known to create good conversation because they are often issues and concepts people can relate to. The following topic ideas may give insight on what you can do for your argument essay.

  1. Should students be required to go to college? Are there places in the world where students are required to complete some sort of formal education after completing high school?
  2. Should parents be required to attend parent – teacher conferences? What are ways schools can encourage parents to attend such meetings more often?
  3. Should kids be allowed to have a cellphone? How old is a good age for kids to have such responsibility? Why are some parents waiting until their child is old enough to work before allowing them to have a cellphone?
  4. Do cameras in public places invade privacy? They can help catch crimes on camera, but is it necessary to have them in a bathroom or a changing room?
  5. Should people be allowed to bring their own snacks to public places like stadiums and movie theaters? What are security measures to consider that would allow people to bring their own food and drink?
  6. Do people rely on online reviews too much or not enough? Are there ways people can tell when an online review is real or fake?
  7. What songs and/or music videos would you ban? Should radio stations allow play of provocative music? Should singers and dancers be required to wear a certain amount of clothing in music videos?
  8. Why do people want to be rich when it can cause so many problems? What are things you think rich people should not be allowed to do?
  9. Is enough being done to reduce homelessness? Has this problem improved or gotten worse over the last 10 years?
  10. Why is so much money being used for cancer research with no cure? Where does the money go and how much will it take to find a cure?