Mastering a five paragraph essay without a hitch

An essay has layers, much like a sandwich. Your first layer is your introduction, the next few layers are your body and the last layer is the conclusion. It’s not uncommon for this format to take up about five paragraphs. This can sound a bit tricky when you first try it out but with practice becomes so simple you won’t even think about the rules when you follow them. Here are some tips to help you breeze through writing a perfect five paragraph essay.


You already know what an introduction is from everyday usage of the word. It’s no different in an essay. An introduction allows you to explain to the reader what your topic is and the direction you intend to take with it. It can be so direct that it contains an actual statement that clearly defines the purpose of the essay or it can be slightly more general so that the reader fills in some of the blanks. This will depend on the subject matter.

The Body

In a five paragraph essay, you’ll most likely have three paragraphs dedicated to the body. You can use each paragraph to compare and contrast or list different steps in a process or even just describe different time periods in a historic event. You have enough flexibility to go in any direction that your topic requires to be fully explained. Try not to let points overlap paragraphs. This will make you sound like you are trying to create a new paragraph when you lack the information to do so.

The Conclusion

This part of your essay allows you to wrap up loose ends or even formally state the conclusion that you drew from the points that you examined. It shouldn’t end up being a summary of your points though. Your reader has just read them and will not already need reminding. It also should not too closely resemble the introduction (despite the sandwich analogy). Try to resist the temptation to pad your conclusion with unnecessary banter. A concise, powerful conclusion is worth much more than a weak, lengthy one that only serves to help you reach a word limit.

Essays writing is not only a necessity in academia but a worthwhile hobby once you get the hang of it. These tips can help you perfect your writing skills and perhaps even pick up a new past-time that you will appreciate for the rest of your life.