The End Purpose of Being Human

Humans, over time, have strived to change for the better. In the early times, humans grappled with problems like diseases, inefficient working methods, unjust laws, and animosity towards each other. With time, however, man has sought solutions to these problems in an effort to improve his quality of life and that of fellow humans. This paper discusses the end purpose of being human.

Changing the world to be a better place is the apparent end purpose of being human. The evidence of this purpose is testified in the many positive changes that humans have implemented over time. For example, in the eighteenth centuries, curable diseases such as small pox, polio and diarrhea were major causes of human death. Medicine and vaccine for these illnesses has been discovered by humans and are still being improved so that the quality of human health is kept high.

Giving and experiencing love is another way humans change the world to a better place. Charity is an example of giving love to other humans. In modern day for instance, there are large charitable organizations that take food and cloth aid to parts of the world where these basic resources are scarce. In this way, humans get to give love to the less fortunate as part of improving their livelihood.

Technology, a result of continued human effort to make work easier, has changed the world to be a better place. For instance, in the days of the old, communication was problematic over long distances. Overtime, man sought better methods of easing communication. Faster methods such as air travel have been built by man. Wireless technology makes it easy for people over long distances to communicate any time they want. Technological development in communication and other fields is a testament to man’s continued effort change the world to a better place.

In conclusion, positive change is the end purpose of being human. Some positive changes have, however, been abused by some people and their effects to the world are detrimental. For instance, weapons meant to secure people from hostile destroyers of civilization have sometimes been used to cause suffering to humans by those who abuse them. An example is the police abusing their weapons by shooting innocent civilians. Most changes are, however, beneficial as testified by the good quality life has become and a better place the world is courtesy of human’s continued effort of achieving his purpose; changing the world to a better place.