The Most Common Psychological Disorders

Psychological disorders are perhaps the most common forms of ailments that mostly go unrecognized. Often times, there is a stigma attached to them. However, if dealt with in the proper way, they can be controlled. Anxiety – all human beings experience anxiety in different forms. However, anxiety disorder is found in people who have an anxiety attack of a magnitude that is not proportional to the actual situation. This means that they overreact to a certain circumstance. Some of the more specific anxiety disorders experienced include panic attacks, OCD, PTSD, etc.

Moods – mood disorders may sound harmless but they can really impact a person and his environment. Some of the common mood disorders include clinical depression, bipolar disorder and dysthymic disorder. All of these disorders deal with the common issues of mental imbalance that tilts towards hopelessness and extreme behavior, socially and otherwise.

Schizophrenia – this disorder is an extreme form of mental illness. It makes a person delusional and impairs their speech and other senses. It also affects the memory and causes hallucinations. However, there are just bouts that are strong enough to bring about these symptoms. People with schizophrenia can be treated and the fits can be controlled to an extent.

Eating Disorders – with the ideal body trends leaning towards size 0, eating disorders have become very common. However, they are not just limited to the general inclination to look skinny. Bulimia and anorexia might be two eating disorders as a direct result of the constant pressure to lose weight and a low self-image. Disorders like binge-eating occur as a consequence of depression.

Dementia – this is another common psychological disorder that revolves around cognitive changes and an altered conscience. Alzheimer’s is common form of dementia. Sometimes dementia appears as a symptom of some other illness, for instance, Parkinson’s disease, HIV or head trauma. The onset of dementia might also occur as a result of drug abuse of any kind.

Substance Abuse – getting addicted to drugs in any form is substance abuse. There are a number of psychological factors that compel a person to remain oblivious to reality. People who abuse the use of drugs are usually afflicted with depression, low self esteem, social anxiety or unfavorable circumstances. In any case, an overdose can easily prove to be fatal.

The above mentioned disorders occur at a very high rate and most the symptoms are ignored. Moreover, most people with such psychological disorders are also in denial which is usually the biggest hurdle in treating them properly.