How your descriptive essay topics should look like

If you enjoy writing creatively, then descriptive essays are probably your favorite type of essay to write. When comparing descriptive essays to the other essay styles, descriptive essays need to be able to paint a picture with words. The other styles, persuasive, narrative, and information, all try to prove a point, but descriptive essays are designed to show deeper meaning through the creative word choice writers use. With this unusual combination of descriptive words and deeper meaning, this type of essay requires a different set of topics than the other more commonly assigned essays, like the persuasive and informative styles.

Differences between Essay Styles and Topic Ideas

Most persuasive essay topics look like the answers to yes and no questions. For example, if the persuasive prompt asked students whether or not they should be required to wear school uniforms, the topic would be the answer to the question. Informative topics about school uniforms might be about how the uniforms have changed through the years. A narrative essay about school uniforms might be about a high school senior’s experience wearing a uniform for the very first time, after not having to wear one for the previous twelve years of school. A descriptive essay topic about school uniforms might simply be the description of the actual school uniform, from the smell and texture of the fabric, to the length of the skirt, and the width of the tie.

Short Phrases with Events or Objects

Persuasive topics do not answer questions. They are usually just short phrases of what will be described. So, the topic for a descriptive essay about a school uniform would be “the school uniform.” These are a few other topic examples:

  • My best day ever
  • The perfect summer vacation
  • My ideal car
  • My favorite hotel
  • The best type of weather
  • My first kiss
  • Features of a good book
  • The most beautiful wedding dress

As you can hopefully see, descriptive essay topics need to have an item or an event that needs to be described. The object or the event is often something remarkable, like a summer vacation or a beautiful wedding dress, but descriptive essays can also be about everyday objects or events. There is nothing wrong with writing about brushing your teeth or about the mailbox at your home, as long as the events are described in exquisite details that entice the five senses.