Useful Suggestions For Writing A 5-Paragraph Essay On The 3 Branches Of Government

When it comes to writing a paper on the three branches of government, you can use a 5-paragraph essay and it will help you write a great piece. Here are some useful suggestions on how to write this paper successfully.


When writing a five paragraph essay, you will have an introduction, three body paragraphs and a conclusion. You will need to include transitional phrases in between your topics to help your paper flow and to let your audience know that you are switching topics. If you are asked to write your paper in a certain format, you will need to set up your paper that way. Make sure that you follow every little feature of that format so that you don’t lose points.


You should include any background information that your reader would have to know to make sure that they can understand the rest of the paper. You should treat it as if your audience has no prior knowledge on the government. Your thesis should say something like “the three branches of government are the executive, the judicial, and the legislative.


There are three branches of government so you should talk about each branch in its own paragraph. You will explain the function of each section of the government. Be sure to add your transitions, you can say something like “the legislative branch may make the laws, but the executive branch enforces them.”


You will develop a conclusion that wraps the paper up and restates the main points. You will need to make sure that you take your time and not rush through the conclusion because it is a great way of making sure that you write a solid paper.


It is so important to make sure that you edit your paper. You will need to make sure that you find any and all errors and correct them. Read your paper out loud so that you can hear the paper and it will be easier to find the errors. You may fix the problems inside your head when you are reading. It is a good idea to read through your paper a bunch of times to make sure that it makes sense. Look at it one sentence at a time and make sure that it is clear and that it makes sense.